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Hand beaded outter rim, made of light Aventurine. Known as "The Manifestor", these crystals aid in good luck, manifestation, and optimisim. Aventurine stone meaning is derived from the Italian word 'aventura,'' which means 'by chance,'' an apt name for one of the luckiest stones in the world of crystal healing. Aventurine was used as a form of sparkling glass also known as gold stone, which was invented in the 18th century. Besides its beautiful and dazzling appearance, Aventurine also rocks when it comes to clearing negative thought patterns because it reconnects you to the Divine healing energy of the Earth and its life-giving elements that created this stone over the millennia.


The center stone is Clear Quartz. This crystal is known for clarity, manifestation, and focus. While clear quartz properties can connect with and aid all chakras, giving it a reputation as a master healer, it is especially helpful for activating the crown chakra. This chakra controls how we think about and perceive situations. Quartz can help open up the mind and elevate negative perspectives to more a enlightened point of view.

Mini Dreamer

  • Due to the delicacy of this artwork, all sales are final. Should any issues arise, please contact me directly. 

  • Width: 4" 

    Length: 16" from the top of the round to the tip of the bottom feather.