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Ceramic, Polyresin, totem skull. Hand beaded cotton twine detailing, with delicately placed feathers. 


As a symbol of nurturing, power, and fertility, the cow has been closely associated to the concept of Mother Earth in many cultures. For hundreds of years, cows have been very generous with their life force and have always behaved in a selfless manner that their symbol is married to the concept of provision. The cow totem is connected to the Earth, nature, and reproduction, much like the bull.

Because of their maternal auras, “new beginnings” or birth are also associated with cows. They depict the beautiful cycle of life from pregnancy, giving birth, taking care of their offspring, and as a medium for new life. They’re also a lunar symbol connected to the feminine side or yin of the Yin-Yang dynamic. They signify a grounding kind of sustenance, but also with abundance and prestige as they have an important role in the course of living.

Mini Skull Catcher

  • Due to the delicacy of this artwork, all sales are final. Should any issues arise, please contact me directly. 

  • Width: 5.5"  Form tip of left horn to tip of right horn.

    Length: 14" from the top of the horn to the tip of the bottom feather.