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We all have a dream.

My name is Perri Runion, a.k.a The Dreaming Weaver. I am a bi-coastal artist, working and creating between Lake Tahoe, CA and Georgetown, SC.

A few years ago, with a strong admiration for the Native American approach to living, I began creating dream catchers. In a world that has commercialized this tradition, it was my aim to elevate this art form in a way that pays proper respects to the origin of this craft. This is still my aim. 

Every piece is one of a kind, never duplicated, and 100% hand made. 

In a world that teaches us dreaming is fantasy, let these creations remind you that your dreams are actually a calling. An inherit vision, that relies on you to bring it to life. Believe in yourself, believe in your vision, and your dreams will become reality.


Stay inspired and keep your dream alive!

With love,

The Dreaming Weaver 

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